3 MODELS IN STOCK ST1000 - Suitable for ages 5-8 Maximum Weight 50KG £64.99 ST1200 - Suitable for ages 9 to 14 Maximum weight 80KG £74.99 ST1400 - Suitable for ages 12 to Adult Maximum Weight 150KG £84.99 New unique designed for Fun & Exercise Balance training & Total body workout New style of sliding movement Huge Loading capacity.The Zip Scooter is a new sensation on wheels that is not only fun, but improves fitness. Achieving speeds of up to 25 km/h. The Zip Scooter is driven by opening and closing your legs. The quicker you pump, the faster you go. More acceleration can be achieved by weight transferral and S-shaped movements. Just a few minutes of practice are enough to get the hang of it. There are two separate back brakes to ensure safety. Used with skill, they can make riding corners great fun. Apart from the enjoyment of riding and getting exercise, thigh muscles and pelvic floor muscles are also developed. Great training for children and adults. The principle: An enjoyable form of exercise which also builds muscles and trains balance skills. AS SEEN ON TV MAINLINE IMPORTS Stanley House Ditton Road Widnes WA8 0NE 0151 422 9132 sales@mainlineimports.co.uk